Shipping Instruction

**Please give this information to the person in charge of shipping your bouquet if you have one **

Please treat your bouquet gentle as much as you can during the event.  

If you have a stemmed bouquet, place a wet rag or wet kitchen papers around the stems and wrap a plastic bag around it to prevent any water come out. 

If you have a chance, please trim your stems, put them into the cold water and place them in the cool and dry area with no direct sunlight. 

How to pack and send?

Please prepare paper towels, plastic bags, and some newspapers and packing bubbles. 

​Place a wet rag or wet kitchen papers around the stems if your bouquet with stems and wrap a plastic bag around it. 

​Place bouquet, upright if possible, in a box larger than the bouquet, surround it with scrunched up newspaper or paper towels all around the bouquet to prevent it from moving around in the box. 

Make sure all side are sealed well and secure.  

When you’re using newspapers, place some kitchen towel or tissue paper directly on top of the flowers to prevent the newspaper from staining.

You don't need to use any frozen pack as then thaw and beat up the flowers.

​​Enclose contact information (Name, Address, Phone, and Email).

Ship with express/parcel post whichever quicker to me. Please ask the staff at the post office as I live in a rural area. If possible, send them between Monday and Thursday as I normally need to go to the post office to pick them up.  And also get the tracking service too.

You do not need do set up require a signature. 

Please tell them flowers inside and handle with care, you also can write down to the box.

Let me know that it is on the way! 

** Address will be given when you order.​